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Why should I consider a cellar?

Don't lose your beloved garden; instead go down instead of out.

Most perspective clients either love the house they have, like their neighbors and the children attend a good school. They have either used up all possible space for extensions and loft conversions and the only way is an underbuild.

With careful excavation and underpinning, even a property with standard 1 meter deep foundation and no cellar/basement can achieve this. With the latest technology in structural waterproof systems and sump pumps we have created beautiful rooms with land drains and services all running through which created no real problems and were all incorporated into the structural waterproof systems.

What are the approximate costings?

As a rough guide:

Underpinning = 950 per linear meter.

Bulk dig out = 100 cube (1m x 1m x 1m)

Structural waterproofing = 45-65 per meter square, subject to system designed by technical.

Fit out = 850 per m2 (stud walls, insulation, floors, electrics, plumbing.)

How long will it take?

Underpinning - 2 to 3 weeks

Existing cellar voids - 4 - 6 weeks

New underbuilds - 6 - 10 weeks

Does a basement require maintenance?

Yes. We can provide Sump & Pump Servicing - Base Drain Cleaning.

We recommend that you use our system maintenance service for the cleaning of pump chambers, removal of pump and check, alarm system check, de-liming and cleaning of base drain channels. To maintain your guarantee, maintenance of the system is essential.

I have a Failed Planning Application but need more space. What can I do?

Applied for extension planning permission, funds in place and nothing to build?

Well you could decide to go down and create an underbuild to existing property without losing your garden.

If you do not change the exterior look of your property and only go down, some Councils do not need planning permission, a simple telephone call to your Local Authority will suffice.

You Will Need:

-Building Regulations
-Architect Design
-Structural Engineers Drawings
-Structural Waterproofing Design by Technical
-Electric and Gas Certificates

All can be arranged through us.

A simple site meeting with ourselves and Architect is all it takes to get the ball rolling.