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John Newton Products used by CellarTech South West

Newton 101 F (CW 101)
100 System - Cementitious Products

Cementitious Flexible Waterproofing Membrane

Newton 101F is a two-component acrylic modified cementitious coating. It is the ideal product to waterproof and re-surface concrete and masonry. 101F is very user friendly with simple on-site mixing methods. Newton 101F creates an effective barrier to waterborne salts and atmospheric gases. Newton 101F provides a hardwearing, seamless, waterproof membrane for roofs and concrete protection.

Key Benefits
- Potable water certified
- 2mm coating provides an anti-carbonation cover equivalent to over 80mm of concrete
- Waterproof resists up to 15 bar (150 metre head) of positive pressure. Resists up to 3 bar (30 metre head) of negative pressure
- > 100% elongation
- High resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion
- Unlike conventional coatings, which require the concrete to cure for 7 28 days, Newton 101F can be applied to 24 hour-old concrete thereby giving immediate protection
- Can be spray applied
- Environmentally friendly water based product. No solvents and no VOCs

Typical Applications
- Waterproof lining for lift pits, swimming pools etc.
- Coating seawater channels
- Bathroom and wet areas
- Waterproof coating for roofs

Newton 102 WaterPlug (CW 102)
100 System - Cementitious Products

Fast Setting Polymer Compound To Seal Leaks

Newton 102 WaterPlug is a fast setting, polymer compound that instantly stops running water or seepage through masonry or concrete substrates. It becomes harder and more resistant when subjected to constant water pressure. Newton 102 WaterPlug is a non-shrink material that expands slightly and sets in about 2 minutes, depending on the temperature of the mixing water and the surface to which it is applied. Lower temperatures will retard the set time and higher temperatures will accelerate the set time.

Key Benefits
- Stops running water
- Fibre reinforced
- Polymer modified
- Non-shrink, non-metallic
- Exceptional durability
- Lasts as long as the structure to which it is applied
- Easy to use no special skills or tools required

Typical Applications
- Leak sealing prior to tanking with Newton 101F Flexible Cementitious Coating
- Sealing of leaks at wall/floor junctions
- Sealing of leaking mortar joints
- Leak sealing of cracks in masonry or concrete
- Repair of construction faults such as honeycombing
- Anchoring of bolts or posts
- Controlling water ingress during sump installations

Newton 103 SBR (CW 103)
100 System - Cementitious Products

Waterproof Additive

Newton 103 SBR Waterproof Additive is a liquid, water-based high solids styrene butadiene polymer latex with high bonding and water proofing characteristics. It is stable under wet alkaline conditions forming a reinforcing polymer matrix within cementitious mixes.

Key Benefits
- Dramatically improves the adhesion / bonding of cementitious mixes
- Effective plasticiser, giving increased workability and cohesion. Also allows reductions in water content to improve durability and strength without loss of workability.
- Excellent waterproofing admixture which is alkali stable in cementitious mixtures
- Good freeze / thaw resistance

Typical Applications
- Surface waterproofing
- Lift shafts
- Waterproof screeds
- Wall/floor junction fillets

Newton 106 Lime Inhibitor (LC1)
100 System - Cementitious Products

Lime Inhibitor For Application To Concrete Surfaces

Newton 106 Lime Inhibitor is applied to concrete surfaces prior to the installation of a Newton System 500 cavity drain membrane waterproofing system to prevent the leaching of free lime from the concrete. Read More

Product Highlights:

Solvent and caustic free
Easy to use and handle
Non-hazardous (on dilution)
Compatible with alkaline substrates
Long term durability

Newton 107 QuickFillet (CW 107)
100 System - Cementitious Products

Fast Setting Pre-Mix Mortar For Angle Fillets

Newton 107 QuickFillet is a fast setting and fast curing mortar with a rapid strength gain used to quickly form 45 angled fillets at junctions between walls and floors or soffits.

Newton 107 QuickFillet should be used to form fillets for use with Newton 101F cementitious slurry and can be used to reinforce internal corners ready for Newton liquid applied membranes such as 702 EcoSeal.

Newton 107 QuickFillet can also be used to repair substrate prior to the use of Newton System 900 primers.

Key Benefits
- Fast setting
- Excellent adhesion
- Low shrinkage
- Excellent resistance to pure water and sulphated water
- Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals
- Very good cohesion & mixing
- Fine compact surface
- No curing necessary. It can be coated, covered or painted as soon as setting is complete
- Can be used in wet conditions
- High strength
- Low carbon dioxide permeability
- Low water permeability

Typical Applications
- Creation of angle fillets
- Filling of holes in substrate prior to application of Newton System 900 floor primers

Newton 108 Stopaq (CW 108)
100 System - Cementitious Products

Unique Swelling Sealant Compound System

108 Stopaq is a unique swelling sealant compound system which provides a waterproofing solution for the notoriously difficult service pipe penetrations which can eventuate in below ground waterproofing applications. This tried and tested technique is extensively utilised within marine engineering and sealing of oil pipes.

Product Features:
Requires minimal surface preparation
Adheres on wet and dry surfaces
Fast and easy to apply
Has no shelf life and does not become hard
Can resist up to 0.3 bar of pressure
Water and gas impermeable
Non toxic and environmentally friendly
Long term protection with no ageing of the product
Key Benefits
Rapid water stopping no curing time needed
Single component
Does not demand special tools for application
Adjusts to movements in pipes and cables
No fumes, no chemical reactions
Works under hydrostatic pressures
The sealant remains flexible and the material can be reused so no product wastage
Typical Applications Include
Wall inlets below ground water level
Sealing of running water leaks
Wall penetrations inside of buildings
Sealing of multi pipe and cable inlets