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John Newton Products used by CellarTech South West

Newton 406 Geodrain (M8)
400 System - Vertical Drainage

Externally Applied Drainage Membrane

Newton 406 Geodrain is a two-core drainage sheet consisting of a non-woven geotextile filter layer thermally welded to a water impermeable HDPP (High Density Polypropylene) drainage membrane. Newton 406 Geodrain provides outstanding drainage and protection to the outside face of basement walls and under basement rafts, preventing the build-up of water pressure and protecting the structure from aggressive water, chemicals and toxins.

Key Benefits
- Prevents water pressure from bearing against the structure
- Resistant to all chemicals normally found in the ground
- Withstands stresses and movement acting as a slip membrane as the backfill settles
- Allows for backfilling with excavated earth
- Extremely strong material, minimising the risk of damage when backfilling even when no protection board is used
- High compressive strength
- Suspended soil particles (fines) are filtered out by the geotextile layer
- Quick and easy to install with a range of ancillary fixing and installation products

Typical Applications
- As the drainage layer of an externally applied waterproofing system when used in conjunction with sheet applied or liquid applied external tanking membrane to BS8102:2009
- Protection of the structure from aggressive chemicals in the ground water
- To prevent the build up of ground water to the outside of retaining walls and rafts

Newton 410 GeoDrain (M18)
400 System - Vertical Drainage

Externally Applied Drainage Membrane

Studded 10mm polyethylene membrane with bonded Newton Geotex filter fabric to the front face of the studs for external drained cavity protection to retaining walls. Newton 410 Geodrain is used as a drainage layer diverting and filtering ground water to an external maintainable land drain cited adjacent to the bottom footing levels of the structure.

Newton 410 Geodrain should always be used as part of a designed and maintainable water management solution. The perforated drainage pipe should have jetting eyes included at all changes of direction and should terminate into safe drainage only.
Note: Any form of drainage that can back-up is not safe. A common mistake is for the system to drain directly to the storm water drainage system, but when this backs-up in periods of heavy and sustained rainfall, the water from the ground drainage system has nowhere to go resulting in a rise of water around the structure. Use the Newton ProTek back-flow protection system to prevent surcharge from the storm water drainage.