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John Newton Products used by CellarTech South West

Newton Mesh Tape (A25)
Products - Multi Use

Newton Mesh Tape is a self-adhesive sealing tape made of a butyl rubber compound with a polypropylene fleece finish. The tape has been developed for use with Newton Meshed Membranes where a surface key is required for plastering or rendering over.

Newton Mesh Tape is the recommended jointing tape for the following Newton membranes:
- Newton 803 Newtonite
- Newton 805 Newlath

Newton Mesh Tape can also be used as an overtape to provide a key above joints to Newton System 500 meshed waterproofing membranes (Newton 503 Mesh and Newton 508 Mesh) over joints already sealed with Newton Waterseal Tape, Newton Waterseal Rope or Newton Overtape.

Key Benefits
- High workability, plasticity and deformability
- Good surface key for renders, plasters and dab compounds
- Excellent adhesive properties
- Excellent heat stability
- Solvent Free
- Easy peel backing paper

Size (Width x Length): 100mm x 10m
Unit of Sale: Single Units

Newton Overtape (A7, A7W, A8, A9)
Products - Multi Use

Newton Overtape is used to create single sided taped joints as an overtape to seal adjacent butted and overlapped membranes, or to seal above joins to the membrane created whilst shaping the membrane to fit convoluted substrate.
Newton Overtape can also be used for the sealing of protrusions through the membrane.

Size (Width x Length): 150mm x 20m (A7-Black) or 100mm x 20m (A8-Black, A9-White)

Newton WaterSeal Rope (A6, A6W)
Products - Multi Use

Newton WaterSeal Rope is used to form a seal at the overlap of adjacent sheets of Newton membranes when neither a flange joint of stud into stud joint has been made. A bead of WaterSeal Rope is used for the sealing of penetrations through the Newton membranes.
WaterSeal Rope is also used to create a sealing ring to the base of the Newton NuSeal Plug.

Size (Width x Length): 10mm x 4.75m
Available in Black (A6) or White (A6W)

Newton WaterSeal Tape (A5, A5W)
Products - Multi Use

Newton WaterSeal Tape is used to form a seal at the overlap of adjacent sheets of Newton membranes. The tape is placed between the flange of one sheet and the top flat surface of the next, or if the studs interlock, it can be used to seal between the flat contact area of this type of joint.
Size: 30mm x 2mm x 22.5mm. Available in Black (A5) and White (A5W)

Newton MultiPlug (A1)
Products - Multi Use

Newton MultiPlug has been engineered to give a better fix in questionable substrate. It has the added benefit of having a rubber sealing grommet supplied with the plug. In very poor substrate, a pin (supplied in bags of 100 at extra cost) is inserted into the plug that expands its outer circumference by nearly 2mm to tighten the plug into the substrate. The MultiPlug is pre-drilled to accept a size 10 (5mm) self-tapping screw for the fixing of battens or other dry-lining systems.

MultiPlug pins sold separately

Size (Width x Length): 10mm x 57mm
Quantity Per Bag: 100

Newton NuSeal Plugs (A2, A3)
Products - Multi Use

Newton NuSeal Plugs are used to secure Newton System 500 membranes to building substrate and to fix battens or tracking systems. Prior to using NuSeal plugs, wrap a bead of Newton WaterSeal Rope around the head of the plug to form a compression seal. NuSeal Plugs are recommended when applying Newton 508 or Newton 508 Mesh to vaulted arches.

Newton NuSeal Plugs are supplied in bags of 100 in Red (A2) or White (A3)