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John Newton Products used by CellarTech South West

Newton 750 Trojan (Vortex) (P9)
Pumps - Sewage

The Newton 750 Trojan is a low head and high performance sewage pump for the removal of sewage, effluent, waste water and ground water with suspended soft solids of up to 50mm. It is primarily used as the standard pump in our Trojan sump systems but can also be used as a stand-alone pump within formed concrete sumps.

Newton Flygt DXG (Grinder) (P14 & P16)
Pumps - Sewage

The Newton Flygt DXG (Grinder) is high performance submersible grinder pump which cuts solids in sewage into smaller bits that can easily pass through the impeller and discharge pipes.

The Newton Flygt DXG residential grinder effectively delivers domestic sewage and waste water from the Newton Trojan System to sewer mains.

Available in Automatic (P14) or Manual (P16) versions.